Al Fornello da Ricci

(Contrada Montevicoli / Brindisi / Italy)

1 Michelin star

A Mauritian native and one of Paul Bocuse’s former students, Antonella Ricci has a wealth of experience that allowed her to quickly take the reins of Al Fornello da Ricci. Working with her husband and partner Vinod, she brings her own traditions and experiences together with others from around the world. Her cuisine takes the form not only of traditional Italian dishes, but also of very popular offerings that subtly blend fresh Mauritian flavours with those of the generous Puglian terroir.




1° Dinner

- Arancina of rice, shrimps and emulsion of sea urchin.
- Stracciatella of cuttlefish, avocado and balsamic vincotto textures of broccoli and anchovy powder.

- Sphere of ricotta on chopped burnt eggplant and dried tomato peelings.
- Homemade cavatelli with semolina Senatore Cappelli with stewed ‘catch of the day’ and dried tomato peelings.

- Cube of fish Sacrè Chien in a Celine black olive crust, mixed salad, reduced tamarind with ginger and chili pepper

- Mauritius green tea sorbet
- Soft & crunchy Cegliese biscuit

2° Dinner

- Veal patties
- Eggplants in carrozza with smoked scamorza cheese.
- Mini balls stuffed with pecorino cheese, capers on potato velouté.

- Total red ravioli stuffed with beets burrata fondue and squash blossoms.
- Parmigiana of vegetables with basil pesto sauce

- Roasted lamb loin in Mediterranean herbs, purple headed cabbage salad and reduction of red wine Primitivo di Manduria.

- Sorbet of “GrandBay” microbrew by chef Vinod
- Chocolate soufflé, crumble of cocoa bean, fior di latte ice cream and strawberry with lime.


Please note that a selection of wines will be included for each of the menus.