Da Vittorio Restaurant

(Brusaporto / Bergamo / Italy)

3 Michelin Stars

Enrico Cerea is the head of family restaurant Da Vittorio. Since 2009, this Italian chef has passed on his love of gastronomy to his brother Roberto, with whom he won his third Michelin star.

The Chef co-created the “Stars in Paradis” concept. He offers traditional Lombard dishes – in which the Italian terroir takes pride of place – with an eastern twist. His cuisine is modern, inquisitive and open-minded.


The story of Da Vittorio is a tribute to the talent of the Cerea family, who beat a path through the world of catering while developing a style all their own. Their story begins with Vittorio Cerea and his wife Bruna, who, upon opening their first restaurant in central Bergamo in 6 April 1966, decided to start cooking fish-based dishes. This gamble led them to win their first three Michelin stars with their restaurant, Da Vittorio, in 1978. Vittorio Senior’s vision lives on thanks to his five children, who, together with Signora Bruna, continue to safeguard his legacy. Enrico, nicknamed Chicco, and Roberto, known as Bobo, are both chefs. Francesco manages external events. Rossella’s courtesy and professionalism are in evidence on the restaurant floor and at the reception of the family’s Residence, located in the Cantalupa municipality in Brusaporta. Barbara manages the Cavour patisserie located in the heart of Citta Alta, Bergamo's historic centre, while Mamma Bruna continues to supervise not only her children and their partners, but also her grandchildren, who help out in the kitchen, restaurant and patisserie. Da Vittorio’s secret lies in its ability to bring together both "Lombard tradition and creative flair", resulting in an astute blend of traditional and modern Italian gastronomy.




1° Dinner

- Cantabrico anchovies, tuna sauce and Altamura bread
- Mini Mac
- Our tomato
- Shrimps Bellini

- Risotto with basil pesto, Piennolo tomatoes and scallop

- Seabass with salad, mussels and olives
- Midori
- Petit four

2° Dinner

- Bread crouton with aromatic butter and seabass sashimi
- Foie gras truffle
- Mini toast
- Tuna spaghetti with bagnacauda and pistachios crumble

- Risotto with smoked Giarratana onion, Onegla, lobster and kumquat

- Pork belly with celery and green apple
- Our tiramisu
- Petit four

Please note that a selection of wines will be included for each of the menus.