Restaurant La Madonnina del Pescatore

(Senigallia / Italy)

2 Michelin stars

Moreno Cedroni is an eclectic, daring and experimental chef. Armed with his two Michelin stars, he has subtly introduced an avant-garde spirit and sense of irony into Italian cuisine. An enfant terrible of transalpine and international cuisine, his innovative and artistic temperament led to the Wall Street Journal naming his restaurant one of the top 10 destinations for seafood in Europe. His detail-oriented work marries a deep sense of tradition with quality ingredients from all over the world. Moreno was notably recognised as the inventor of Italian sushi by the Norwegian Seafood Council in February 2018, and continues to pursue his unique take on gastronomy.



1° Dinner

- Lukewarm seabass carpaccio with lime mash and rucola sauce
- White seafood lasagnetta, coconut and parsley sauce
- “Roasted” guazzetto of shellfish and crustaceans, hints of star anise
- Amberjack with panzanella
- Cedronic
- Italian-style cassata with raspberries sauce


2° Dinner

-Black cuttlefish ink tempura, with scallops, clams and zucchini sauce, daycon
- Liquid Parmigiano Reggiano tortellini, raw meat, tomato sauce and balsamic jam
- Amberjack with leeks and lemongrass
-  Marchigiana fillet, black garlic, savoy cabbage and topinambur sauce
- Cedronic
- Tirami su with one-day-old bread

Please note that a selection of wines will be included for each of the menus.