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Trail des 7 couleurs (120km / 4 500m D+)

120 km trail race

Trail des 7 couleurs (120km / 4 500m D+)

New challenges for ultra runners

The Trail des 7 couleurs (Seven-coloured Trail) is the only fell running race in Mauritius to be in the “ultra” category with a distance of over 100kms. 

Following several changes in the course, this fourth edition brings new character to the race and presents new challenges to participants over the 120kms and 4,500m of positive elevation – whilst maintaining the unique intensity of the experience that runners will go through.

Contenders will start at Pétrin and the tracks will first lead them through forests over flat land, downhills and uphills in Mare aux Joncs, Camphriers, Fil and Will Fil in the Gorges de la Rivière Noire – all such named tracks and the whole area being famous grounds for trail running in Mauritius. The next leg of the course goes through completely different grounds, more savannah-like in the coastal area and in hunting estates (off hunting season, of course) in the western part of the island. 

The next segment is even more testing, leading the runners back to the hills of the central and southwestern areas, with long climbs and downhills in Chamarel, the Gorges, Parakeet trail and Piton de le Petite Rivière Noire, the highest mountain in Mauritius. 

The finish line will then still be tens of kilometres away. Winding tracks and long stretches of earthy or rocky paths on the slopes of Piton Savane mountain, in sugar cane fields and along the cliffs on the southern coast near Andréa’s Lodges and Le Souffleur, lead to the finish line and the lively UTRB village on the beach of Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa.


120 km trail race

UTRB 120Km Points Ravitos120 km Ravito

Qualifying Race for:

  • Grand Raid Reunion

Race details

Date : Saturday, July 8, 2017
Start :  Petrin 
Finish : Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa (Southeast coast)
Distance : 120km
Start time : 02:00
Time limit : 35 hours

Registration Closed


Trail steepTrail steep

Trail runners' Testimonials

120 km trail steep ascending track
  • Christophe Le Saux, winner (men) : « A magnificent course! »

    "The course of UTRB is magnificent! Thanks to this ultra trail we really discovered Mauritius in 2015 and we now know that there are not only beautiful beaches and turquoise blue lagoons there. The natural landscape is stunning and the terrain is highly varied. The UTRB organisers have set up a very nice event to attract competitors as well as visitors who are fond of green tourism. See you in 2016 maybe!"

  • Uxue Fraile, winner (ladies): « A very beautiful trail»

    "I did not know Mauritius and this first visit to the island and the participation to UTRB2015 were a very good experience. The course is stunning and offers many different grounds. In spite of some flat portions, it was also a difficult course because there were so many testing paths in the mountains. The UTRB is a very beautiful race. Hopefully, I will return next year".