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Trail des 7 Couleurs by Raidlight & Beachcomber - Relay

120 km trail race

Trail des 7 Couleurs by Raidlight & Beachcomber - Relay

A little teamwork in an individual world

Those who choose to complete the trail solo must have two sets of skills: that of the expert climber, able to contend with the substantial changes in elevation at the start of the race, and that of a runner, capable of racing on the trail’s flatter portions, which resemble a road race. 


The relay is an opportunity to combine these two skillsets to play to your strengths or improve your chances of winning. Only during a relay race does the individual sport of athletics become a team effort. The watchwords of any trail run are friendship, community and mutual help, and joining forces to complete two 50km ultras is as lofty a challenge as going the 100 kilometers alone. 


The novelty of being able to run the trail as a relay also contributed to the success of the Ultra-Trail Raidlight Beachcomber (UTRB) in 2017.Whether you are competing solo or as part of a team, the gorgeous scenery and multiple inclines of the 100-kilometers Trail des 7 Couleurs by Raidlight & Beachcomber will bring your sense to life with every emotion imaginable, as will the Trail de la Perruche by Air France (47 km), the Trail du Nautile by Transcontient (25 km) and Trail du Souffleur (11 km).


Running the Trail des 7 Couleurs by Raidlight & Beachcomber on your own:

Starting line at the Paradis Beachcomber at Le Morne (southwest Mauritius) – Chamarel (400 m) – Piton Canot (526 m) – Piton de la Rivière Noire (828 m) – Black River Gorges parking lot (110 m) – Parakeet (720 m) – Alexandra Falls (700 m) – Piton Savanne (704) – towards Andrea Lodges – along the south coast to Shandrani Beachcomber in Blue Bay (finish line – southeastern Mauritius).


Running the Trail des 7 Couleurs by Raidlight & Beachcomber as a two-person team (Course identical to that for individual runners):

Leg 1: Paradise Beachcomber – Alexandra Falls

Leg 2: Alexandra Falls – Shandrani Beachcomber 



120 km trail race

Race Details

Date : Saturday, July 28, 2018
Start :  Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa (Southwest coast)
Finish : Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa (Southeast coast)
Distance : 100km

Start time : 5 a.m.

Registration Closed