1° Dinner

- Lukewarm seabass carpaccio with lime mash and rucola sauce
- White seafood lasagnetta, coconut and parsley sauce
- “Roasted” guazzetto of shellfish and crustaceans, hints of star anise
- Amberjack with panzanella
- Cedronic
- Italian-style cassata with raspberries sauce


2° Dinner

-Black cuttlefish ink tempura, with scallops, clams and zucchini sauce, daycon
- Liquid Parmigiano Reggiano tortellini, raw meat, tomato sauce and balsamic jam
- Amberjack with leeks and lemongrass
-  Marchigiana fillet, black garlic, savoy cabbage and topinambur sauce
- Cedronic
- Tirami su with one-day-old bread

Please note that a selection of wines will be included for each of the menus.