La Table de Plaisance

Saint-Émilion - France

2 Michelin stars


Ronan Kervarrec aims to communicate emotion with every plate. His cuisine draws on his memories of childhood and the Libourne region’s terroir. Building on the legacy of his father – who impression his passion, rigour, humility, and "desire to do things right" onto his son from a young age – the star chef continues to develop bold and unique recipes.

Combining technicality and creativity, Ronan preserves the purity of his flavours to create simple, generous and sculptural dishes. He also enjoys reinterpreting the classics by incorporating local traditions, the better to awaken taste buds and stimulate imaginations, and build on each dish’s unique history.




1° and 2° Dinner


- Eggplant from the island's gardens with coriander, tomato and ketchup sauce.

-Ocean grouper and thinly sliced palm heart with red chilli and lime oil.

-Lobster from the lagoon poached in curried shell stock with mango-infused claw ravioli.

-Chicken ballotine stuffed with thighs cooked confit-style with onions and Salmi sauce.

-Barbecued unpeeled local baby bananas flambéed with the island's rum and vanilla.

-Mauritius pineapple with sugarcane caramel, passion fruit crunch and coconut sorbet.

-Lychees from the groves soaked in a ginger broth.


Please note that a selection of wines will be included for each of the menus.